Published 18/03/2019

The Goldengrove team are pleased to announce our support for the new state of the art Patrol Wagon that will be custom built and on the beach in time for the 2019/2020 summer season.

This new vehicle will ensure volunteer patrol members and the public have access to the latest lifesaving facilities on the beach.

The unit carry lifesaving essentials:

- Surf Rescue Boards

- Flags & Buoys

- Defibrillator

- Oxy Resus Equipment

- Spinal Injury Management Equipment

- Refrigerator, Water, Ice & Hot Water for treatment of injuries & marine stingers

- Radio & Emergency Communication Equipment

Plus it will be fitted with, elevated seating & shade structures for patrol members & more!

The reason we choose to offer our support is simple.

It’s a chance to make A Real Difference to the lives of Real People.

Real people Like Greg.

When Greg decided to go bodysurfing one afternoon at North Burleigh, he never dreamed that his life would change forever. He was swimming waist deep between the red and yellow flags. Greg was doing everything right.

“The tide turned quite quickly, with a couple of rogue waves coming through. That’s when it happened,” he remembers.

Find out how North Burleigh Surf Life Saving Club volunteer surf lifesavers Dave, Leah and Michaela saved Greg's life and watch their reunion one year later.

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